Sales Producers Talent Pool

This Sales Training process is not for the faint at heart. This is an intense training program designed to have you financially succeed immediately. This program is designed to train you to succeed in P & C Sales by closing seven (7) out of every ten (10) calls you make. This is relationship selling.

You will succeed if you follow the sales process to the letter and know and use the components of the Sales Process adapting it to your own style. We speak from experience and our consistent high performance.

Our Farmers Insurance agency is ranked consistently in the top 10 out of 150 agents in the state and we have the fewest number of produces as compared to the top ranked agencies in the state of Florida with 12, 14 and 20 Producers

In the P & C community you get paid for sales not for providing quotes. You do not live off the base pay. You enjoy the generous high paying commissions you’ve earned that are paid out to you. Take this knowledge and use it to your benefit. You will be financially rewarded and very successful.

Career in Property and Causality (P & C) insurance sales

We at P & C Sales Process Training want to train you for a career in Property and Causality (P & C) insurance sales. Sales Process Certification Certificate awarded upon completion. Potential earnings first (1st) year $60 to $90K.

The two (2) weeks 40-hour virtual live course cost is $300.00.

P & C sale is a highly financially lucrative career where you do not have to pay for leads, make cold calls anymore or make 200 calls per day to set appointments and only get one (1) or two (2) appointments a week.

With P & C you sit at your desk and close the leads coming in.

Your earnings would potentially be:
      1. A solid annual high base pay $35K to $50K
      2. Plus, monthly commissions, and quarterly bonuses
      3. Potential earnings first (1st) year $60 to $90K
      4. Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) year annual income, approximately $120K to $180K based upon your desire, drive, dedication, and performance

We have a guaranteed placement system with an agency of your selection in our sphere of influence. The Agency offices will seek you out through our system. With your approval and input we negotiate your starting salary.

Our P&C limited class size training system prepares you to hit the ground running in producing sales. Generating money for yourself.

Training is two (2) weeks, total of 40 hours of intense virtual classroom instructions, videos and role playing. A proven P&C sales process of asking the right questions, developing rapport & trust, overcoming objections, getting immediately to the close, activating the policy, referrals and getting repeat business.

Course Curriculum:
      1. The introduction
      2. Establishing credentials
      3. Upfront giving the prospect what they want
      4. Team Player establishment
      5. Securing Buy-in
      6. Getting to “Yes”
      7. Overcoming major objections before they surface
      8. Gaining prospect agreement
      9. Building rapport
      10. Transitioning to the Products Features and Benefits
      11. Invoking examples of product needs
      12. Inducing pain points
      13. Establishing needs
      14. Affirmation and getting agreement
      15. Overcoming objections before they arise
      16. Summarizing
      17. Answering questions if any are left
      18. What else is on their key ring
      19. Transitioning to other products
      20. Taking all the business
      21. Closing
      22. One (1) Call Close
      23. Securing referrals
      24. Activation of policy and follow-up
      25. Touch Point Calls

What you have viewed is true and realistic in the real world of selling P & C.

This knowledge is effective, and it works. Use this knowledge we have shared.

Each of the Sales Process components are essential and important to execute to get the sales.

Always be confident in your speech and you must realize if you do not ask you will never get the sale.

Classes are offer once per month, Please call the 888-9088-1720 for the next class date to register.

Call immediately to enroll 888-9088-1720

Payments by Checks, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo and or other electronic cash payment only. Once enrolled in course refunds available up until One day before class start.

Class schedule

1st Week Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
2nd Week Monday through Wednesday 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m